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Universal Guidance Institute (Pvt) Ltd

Welcome to Universal Guidance Institute (Pvt) Ltd. At U.G.I, it’s about enhancing your qualification. Since its inception in 2007, we have focused on preparing students for the careers-led future opportunities, especially in the Teaching segment.

Over the years U.G.I has specialized in Teaching related Professional courses and Training. The “QTE” (Qualification, Training & Experience) concept became a reality with over over 10,000 Teachers benefitting within Sri Lanka & Abroad.  

We are dedicated to support students to develop their skills, emotional intelligence and creativity needed to thrive in a constantly changing world. We have been developing and starting to implement new strategies, to transform the curriculum, pedagogy, research impact and partnerships to make a positive difference to students, graduates towards community success.

Our ambitious but achievable goal is to become the leading careers-focused, enterprising Teacher Training Institute in Sri Lanka, one which both prepares students for the jobs of the future and provides the innovation to drive that future sustainably and inclusively.

Towards this great objective, we operate Guidance College & Montessori for practical training & job opportunity. It’s the ideal place to start the Pre School life and continue English medium school up to G.C.E. (O/L). Guidance College has the perfect mix of International & Government syllabus.  


To fulfill the aspirations of School leavers who dream about their professional career in Teaching with National & International recognition to become responsible citizens who can enjoy unprecedented opportunities Academically & Professionally.  


To achieve global accreditation for academic excellence.

To nurture and enhance the students learning potential & experience.

To prepare qualified, able, efficient, Skilled, teaching community in Sri Lanka.

To equip teachers with necessary knowledge and skills to become Extra Ordinary Teachers.

To fulfill the teacher demand at private sector schools. 

Individual attention, dedicated coaching & personal care is our forte.

Give your CHILD the BEST. Don’t SETTLE for LESS.       

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